Get Ready For The Ragnarok NFT Airdrop!

Okay, so today is the day when the Ragnarok team are going to take a snapshot of the Hive blockchain and drop Hive hodlers some Ragnarok playing card NFTs based on the number of Hive they hold in their own wallets (not on exchanges). The word is that you will get around one NFT for … Read more

Ragnarok NFT Card Art Sneak-Peek!

A few days ago the guys gave us a sneak-peek of the kind of designs they have been creating for the Ragnarok NFT game. What they revealed was not an actual card but more of a prototype that featured genuine design elements. The prototype they revealed was an example of a “hero” card. The … Read more

Ragnarok NFT Game Design on Hive (Video)

In this Community Token Talk video, Hive whale @theycallmedan talks about Ragnarok, the new NFT game that is coming to in 2022. According to Dan, Ragnarok is going to be a unique and challenging game with high payouts in yearly tournaments. Those who perform well will be able to carry that “weight” into the … Read more

What Is The Ragnarok NFT Game?

In 2022 a team of game developers will release a new card trading NFT play-to-earn game called Ragnarok. The game will be released on the blockchain, with the first NFT airdrop for Hive hodlers happening as early as 6th January. It’s going to be a high-challenge high-payout game… Ragnarok combines elements of chess and … Read more