Ragnarok Aesir NFT Card Design Revealed!

In this second Ragnarok card design sneak peek we get to have a look at the design for the gods and heroes of the Aesir.

The Aesir are a warlike tribe who live in Asgard, where they are ruled over by Odin the one-eyed god. There was a war between the Aesir and the Vanir, but eventually the two tribes accomodated themselves to each other and the Vanir were assimilated into the Aesir pantheon.

Let’s have a look at the NFT card:

Explanation of the Card Elements

Border: This shows the group to which the character belongs. (The dragon-frame shows this character is a Aesir.)

Background: There are gold, silver and bronze backgrounds. They affect how many EXP tokens you earn each time you win. This card is actually a bronze Aesir.

Eye Colour: The colour of the eyes shows you which element the character is associated with. In this case the element is water.

Top Left Jewel: Health

Bottom Left Circles: Abilities. One circle per ability, with a maximum of four abilities.

Bottom Centre: Chess archetype. (This prototype Aesir seems to be a bronze King. I am surprised that the eye-colour and the chess archetype background colour are different. I wonder whether that was an oversight, or whether it is possible for a character to have more than one elemental association.)

Bottom Right Squares: Abilities specific to the class of character. A character can have up to 3 abilities.

We expect the next Ragnarok NFT card to be a spell card…

Source: https://peakd.com/ragnarok/@ragnarok.game/ragnarok-art-reveal-aesir

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