Get Ready For The Ragnarok NFT Airdrop!

Okay, so today is the day when the Ragnarok team are going to take a snapshot of the Hive blockchain and drop Hive hodlers some Ragnarok playing card NFTs based on the number of Hive they hold in their own wallets (not on exchanges). The word is that you will get around one NFT for every 10 to 100 Hive that you hold.

Here is a nice introduction to Ragnarok NFT game by Hiver and YouTuber @bulldog1205:

There will be plenty of time to claim your NFTs. The NFTs that are not claimed will be returned to the game where you can win them by fighting and winning battles, it seems.

As @bulldog1205 explains in the video,

Ragnarok is “a mixture of chess with poker, and then throwing in a fantasy turn-based rpg type twist where your NFTs are going to be your heroes… You’re going to have spells… You’re going to start of with a chess board. You’ve got pieces that are very similar to chess, you have fewer pieces, but you’re having your pawns, your bishops, your kings, queens, that type of thing, which move in certain ways, and then whenever the pieces engage, there’s going to be a one on one battle… that starts off by using spell cards, summoning pets, things like that, to impact the battle. And then it goes into a poker-type game where you’re gambling with your health, and you’re playing that game in order to try and take out the other piece and then go back to the chess board and move along like that.”

How Ragnarok Will Fund Prizes

As your heroes lose health you have to spend HBD, which go into a separate pool that will generate 12% interest (the HBD interest rate) per annum. The interest payments will fund the rewards that will be paid out to the players, including some massive rewards to the top 100 tournament players at the end of each year.

How You Can Profit Even If You Don’t Play!

One important point to consider is that even if you are not interested in playing the game, the NFT airdrops are well worth claiming because they can be sold, rented out, or even simply held in the expectation of an appreciation in value over time.

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