Ragnarok As A Spectator Sport?

In this Crypto Maniacs podcast hosts Jon Olson and Taskmaster4450 interviewed TheyCallMeDan, the innovator behind the Ragnarok project. Jongo asked Dan about the “spectator sport” aspect of Ragnarok, which I thought was a refreshing question that led to some new insights into our understanding of the game. The CryptoManiacs Podcast with TheyCallMeDan Here’s Dan‘s response … Read more

Interview with Ragnarok Innovator, TheyCallMeDan

YouTuber Bulldog1205 sat down with TheyCallMeDan who is the Hive blockchain whale behind the innovatory developments of Ragnarok. In this video Bulldog1205 discusses the gameplay and what is next for the project. Bulldog1205 described Ragnarok as a community-operated game on the Hive blockchain. It’s not a game where you have a gaming company selling card … Read more

Ragnarok Heroes Can Summon Their Pets To Battle!

In a game of Ragnarok heroes can summon their pets during the “Spell Phase” of Combat. Combat occurs when one hero enters an opposing hero’s square during the “chess” movement phase of the game. As well as Health, Speed, and Attack, pets come with special abilities that can help the heroes win their battles. Pets … Read more

Ragnarok Aesir NFT Card Design Revealed!

In this second Ragnarok card design sneak peek we get to have a look at the design for the gods and heroes of the Aesir. The Aesir are a warlike tribe who live in Asgard, where they are ruled over by Odin the one-eyed god. There was a war between the Aesir and the Vanir, … Read more

Get Ready For The Ragnarok NFT Airdrop!

Okay, so today is the day when the Ragnarok team are going to take a snapshot of the Hive blockchain and drop Hive hodlers some Ragnarok playing card NFTs based on the number of Hive they hold in their own wallets (not on exchanges). The word is that you will get around one NFT for … Read more

Ragnarok NFT Card Art Sneak-Peek!

A few days ago the @ragnarok.game guys gave us a sneak-peek of the kind of designs they have been creating for the Ragnarok NFT game. What they revealed was not an actual card but more of a prototype that featured genuine design elements. The prototype they revealed was an example of a “hero” card. The … Read more

Ragnarok NFT Game Design on Hive (Video)

In this Community Token Talk video, Hive whale @theycallmedan talks about Ragnarok, the new NFT game that is coming to Hive.io in 2022. According to Dan, Ragnarok is going to be a unique and challenging game with high payouts in yearly tournaments. Those who perform well will be able to carry that “weight” into the … Read more