My name is David Hurley. I’m a blogger on the Hive.io blockchain, which rewards content creators with Hive tokens for the content they publish and curate on the blockchain.

A new NFT play-to-earn game called Ragnarok is to be launched on the Hive.io blockchain in 2022. GoRagnarok.com is dedicated to explaining and exploring the game, how to play, how to win, and how to profit whether through game play or passive investment in NTFs and EXP second tier tokens.

I believe that Ragnarok will massively impact the value and profitability of the Hive crypto token, which is one of the motivations for creating this blog.

Yes, But What Is Hive.io?

Good question! Here’s an excellent two-minute Hive explainer video by one of my fellow Hivers, @ryzeonline one of the best intro videos about what’s so cool about getting involved with the Hive community – even before Ragnarok is released!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to drop me a line via the form on the contact page.

David Hurley

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